Why Did We Move From NY to KY?

Chris & Sandy @ Bristol Motor Speedwaytor Speed

Chris and Sandy @ Bristol Motor Speedway

Well, for a few years now we have been talking and praying about get out of the cold and snow of upstate, NY.  We are not getting any younger and snow blowing 125-150 inches of snow every year was not getting any easier or any more enjoyable. Sarah (our daughter) was also still in school and we did not want to leave until she was out of high school and moving into young adult hood.  During her Sophomore year of high school, she asked if we could take her out and home-school her.  Working out of the shop gave me (Chris) the perfect opportunity to do that. So, she worked in the office, on her schoolwork, at the shop while I continued to make all your favorite goat goodies.  She excelled doing her high school work at home and we actually graduated her a year earlier then her class, which meant we could move a year earlier than we expected.

God knows What’s Best For Us!

God was working on our behalf during all of this, allowing things to happen,

View from our backyard in Kentucky.

View from our backyard in Kentucky.

moving us all in the direction of moving south.  We had been looking in Tennessee for years because of low taxes and being known as such a business-friendly state.  We vacationed down in TN and looked over the Smokey Mountains, Southern Cherokee Forest area as well as the Upper Cumberland (which we loved.) Seems everyone else has found out the benefits of living in TN because we watched the price of property go up more and more every year.  As usual God’s plans are usually different then what our plans are for us.  While we were looking into the Upper Cumberland area we started peeking into South-Central KY and what we found out was the taxes were still very low and the state was business friendly too. To our surprise the prices of property was about $100K cheaper for the same size property with the same type and amount of out-buildings as TN.


Needless to say, we found an existing goat farm for sale here in Columbia and we made an offer on the property the same day we came down to look it over!

Even the sale of our farm in upstate NY was a blessing.

The couple who owned the property across the street from us wanted our place and we came to an agreement fairly quickly.  They were super generous and let us lease the property back from them after the closing for a very low price and gave us a year to move out.  Not having to go rent another farm for the animals and not having to find a manufacturing building to keep production going for Silly Goats Soap Co.  was such a huge blessing, as you can imagine. This gave us time to shop and really seek God’s direction for this move.

I have been in NY longer than I have been anywhere else in my life.  Born in MO and raised between there and MT for most of my young childhood and through high school and then moved from TX to CO, CA, UT, WY, Fl and then NY in my young adulthood.  I do have a little gypsy blood in me.  So, when Sandy started talking about getting out of NY and making a move south, I was ready for a new adventure and some new scenery.  To be totally honest KY was not even on my radar but, so happy God pointed us in this direction and that we are here now!

Like I said, God is good!

I believe/know in my heart, that nothing in my life happens by mistake.  That includes the people that he puts in my life, the employees I hire or the places he has me move to.

Chris Fly Fishing

Chris Fly Fishing

That being said, I am so blessed and happy to be here in South Central KY.  We can actually see the mts. of TN from our back yard.  The land here is rolling hills with old growth trees and loaded with deer and other critters.  The folks that live here are the epitome of southern hospitality. Such nice people in KY! I am also a half hour away from Cumberland Lake and the tailwaters of the Cumberland river of Wolf Creek Dam, and it is loaded with Rainbow, Browns and Brook Trout! Green River Lake & Green River are 25 minutes away.  I will be getting my new fly-fishing boat very, very soon!

I do not know what the Lord has in store for us here (making soap & fishing).

I do not know why he placed us in Columbia, but He will reveal that to us in his time. We are going to find us a nice Bible believing church. I am going to continue working with people recovering from alcoholic and drug addictions through Celebrate Recovery and/or AA.  We are going to continue to make the best goat milk soap, lotion and other goat goodies anywhere in the world and the best part of all of it is, my wife, Sandy has quit her corporate job and God has allowed us to be able to be financially secure enough to do that.  I love my wife and I enjoy the time we get spend together.  Now, we get to work together as well.

Thanks for following us on our journey.

God bless,