We try and be as natural as we possible can.

Goats Milk in Mason Jar Cropped

When we make soaps, the goats milk goes through a process call saponification where the lye (all soaps have lye, or Sodium Hydroxide) actually makes a chemical change.  They usually harmful lye mixes with the milk and oil proteins and changes to a whole new, harmless element commonly known as soap.

Because we make liquid lotions and add pure, pasteurized goat's milk to our lotions we have to add a preservative.  We add the least amount of preservative as possible, but enough, to make our lotions safe.  When you add any water-soluble element to a product you have the possibility of added bacteria.  Our preservative of choice contains no parabens and is the best you can get anywhere.

Some people claim to have an all-natural lotions, using natural ingredients as their preservatives.  This can not be done safely.   Without getting into all the names and science of this discussion, you just can not make a liquid lotion and be safe without adding a preservative.  Being on the safe side – Our lotions are still 99% All Natural

So, the lip balms have no goats milk in them, and they have no preservatives either.  Again we are trying to be as natural as possible. When you do not add a water-soluble element like goat's milk, you do not need a preservative. The beeswax and the oils we picked to make this recipe are the best natural ingredients anyone can get and they will make your lips feel pampered and loved!

We make things that we use for our family here on the farm.  We make them as natural and wholesome as humanly possible for you and ourselves.

We will try and add goats milk to as many items, as we possible can, if it makes sense, but if it does not make sense to do so, we just won't do it.