All Natural Poison Ivy Treatment.

This Jewelweed Salve Relieves The Itch & Stops The Spread Of Poison Ivy!

We handpick the Jewelweed from the creek bed that runs through Silly Goats Farm. The Plantain we also pick from the pastures where we grow our hay and alfalfa for the goats and other critters. We then hang the plants to dry. After that we put the dried herbs in glass jars with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and steep it like you do sun tea. this sits for 3-4 weeks to get all of the healing properties out of the plants and into the oil.

We then add in Lavender and Peppermint Essential oils for their anit-viral, antibacterial and anti-inflammitory properties, Put in some Vitamin E, and then Natural Bee's Wax to to make a premium salve that heals and stops the spread of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.  

Ingredients: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Jewelweed, Plantain, Bees Wax, Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils, Vitamin E.

It really does not get any better then this! 


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A little about Jewelweed:

Jewelweed -Poison Ivy TreatmentJewelweed, or Impatiens capensis, has long been used as a remedy for skin disorders by indigenous North Americans. Jewelweed contains chemicals that neutralize the components responsible for the skin-irritating effects of poison oak, poison ivy and other irritants including stinging nettle, insect bites and ringworm.

Jewelweed is a smooth annual; 3-5 ft. The flowers hang from the plant much as a jewel from a necklace, Pale Jewelweed has yellow flowers, Spotted Touch-Me-Nots have orange flowers with dark red dots. The seeds will 'pop' when touched , that is where the name Touch-Me-Nots came from. The Spotted Jewelweed variety is most commonly used for treating poison ivy rashes. Pale Jewelweed has no medicinal properties.

 Jewelweed blooms May through October in the eastern part of North America from Southern Canada to the northern part Jewelweed Plant  Flower of Florida. It is found most often in moist woods, usually near poison ivy or stinging nettle. It is commonly said that wherever you find poison ivy, you will find Jewelweed – however this is not true as Jewelweed will not grow in dry places for long, and does not thrive in direct sunlight. Poison Ivy will grow in sun or shade.


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Clinical Study of Jewelweed

"The of a Clinical Study,  in which a 1:4 jewelweed preparation was compared for its effectiveness with other standard poison ivy dermatitis treatments was published in 1958 (Annals of Allerty 1958;16:526-527). Of 115 patients treated with jewelweed, 108 responded ‘most dramatically to the topical application of this medication and were entirely relieved of their symptoms within 2 or 3 days after the institution of treatment.' It was concluded that jewelweed is an excellent substitute for ACTH and the corticosteroids in the treatment of poison ivy dermatitis. The active principle in the plant responsible for this activity remains unidentified."   by Varro Tyler, PhD in his book Herbs Of Choice.

Ingredients: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Jewelweed, Plantain, Bees Wax, Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils, Vitamin E.

You are buying 1 – 2 oz tin of Jewelweed Salve.