Poison Ivy Treatment Kit – A Soap and Salve Combination. Use This One-Two Punch to Knock Out That Nasty Itch!

Get The Jewelweed Goat Milk Soap, Along with Jewelweed Salve, to help prevent and/or cure poison ivy.  Also good on posion oak and poison sumac.

Poison Ivy Soap- This Jewelweed Soap is made from our regular base goat milk soap (25% goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil).  The difference is we sun steeped the jewelweed in the olive oil and drew out all of it’s good healing properties in to the olive oil, then made the soap. This is a  4.5- 5 oz bar of handcut bar of soap.

Poison Ivy Salve – Ingredients: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Jewelweed, Plantain, Bees Wax, Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils, Vitamin E. This is a  2 oz tin of Jewelweed Salve.

Use this poision Ivy treatment kit before you go out and think you might get into some poison ivy and after you come back in.

To learn more about the healing properties of Jewelweed click: Poison Ivy Treatment