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Goat Milk Liquid Soap & Body Wash Refill Bottles



Goat Milk Liquid Soap & Body Wash, 16 oz Refill Bottles.

Our Natural Goat Milk Liquid Soap & Body Wash Refills is super moisturizing, lathers well and is gentle, never drying or irritating. We have carefully crafted our soap using 100% natural ingredients. Let our combination of coconut, shea butter, olive oil & pure goat milk (from our grass feed herd of Lamancha goats) nurture, cleanse and heal your skin while the sweet fragrances of essential oils or fragrance oils lift your mood!

Use it with our Foaming Soap Dispenser or add it to your own.  Silly Goats liquid soap is designed to be used in the regular liquid soap dispenser or the foaming dispenser.

We do NOT use chemical thickeners, lathering agents (such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate), or artificial coloring. We use traditional soapmaking methods, rendering each soap naturally anti-bacterial without the need for harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Just For You: We do not use artificial sudsing and chemical thickening agents, you may find our liquid soap to be slightly thinner than conventional brands. Your hands will thank you.

Pick Your Favorites:

Essential oils (EO) used depending on scent option selected: Pure & Natural (unscented), Lemon Mint, Lavender, Orange Ginger.

Fragrance oils (FO) used depending on scent option selected: Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Lilac, Sandalwood Vanilla (EO & FO blend).

Ingredients: water, olive, coconut, palm and castor oils,  potassium hydroxide (lye), shea butter sunflower oil, raw goat milk, fragrance and/or essential oil depending on scent selected.

You are buying one 16 oz Goat’s Milk Liquid Soap & Body Wash Refill Bottle.

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Lavender, Lemon Mint, Lilac, Oatmeal & Honey, Orange Ginger, Pure & Natural, Sandalwood Vanilla


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