Goat Milk Soaps and Your Choice Of Soap Dish Or Soap Saver Bag – Gift Bag, For that someone Special!

Here is a little Goat Milk Soap Sampler you can give to someone you love or someone you would like to introduce to, the wonderful qualities of goat milk soap.

Pick the 2 soaps you think they would like and then choose either the soap saver bag or the soap dish to go into your gift bag.  We will pack that up for you and send that out to your special someone.

We know how great goat milk soap is for you.  you know how great it is for your skin.  Why not let someone else in on our little secret.

We have a saying here “Once You Go Goat, You Won’t Go Back”!  We know we are soap snobs and we are proud of it!

Get your goat milk soap gift bag & send it to someone you love today!