Product Description

Our Unigue Baby Gift Basket Is Loaded With Goat Goodness!

Looking for something different to take to that baby shower?  Looking for great bath and body products for your own babies?  Maybe your grandparents, aunts & uncles, brothers or sisters, or maybe just a good friend and you are looking for something healthy & wholesome to show you are thinking about that newborn baby.

 Take a look at our all natural, goat’s milk, baby soaps, lotions and diaper rash creams!

Included in the basket are:

  1. Natural Baby Lotion (unscented) 4oz
  2. Calming Baby lotion (lightly scented lavendar & vanilla) 4oz
  3. Natural Diaper Rash Cream 4oz
  4. Baby Bar
  5. Bouncing Baby Bar
  6. Basket

We place everything together in one unique gift basket, with a card from you and ship it directly to you or your special someone.  It’s a great price and a very convenient way to show them you love them and are thinking about them during this special time.

Order yours today!