Travel Size Soap Bars

Travel Size Soap Bars From Pure Goats Milk, Are Great For The House, Gym or Traveling!

These are loaded with all the same goat goodness that is in our chunky goat milk soap bars, but made in a smaller size!

They have “Goat Milk” molded right into the top of the soap so they look very nice in your guest bathroom. you can display them proudly, showing your guests you are taking good care of them.

We have these goat milk guest bars in all of your favorite fragrances and they are perfect for  a bathroom, traveling, going to the gym or passing on to friends and family to let them give goat milk soap a try.

These are also hand poured and hand cut so they will be different sizes and weights.  The approximate weight is 2 ounces of soap in each individually wrapped package.  Each package contains at least 3 bars.

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