Product Description

 Tea Tree Oil comes from Australia where the Aborigines have been using it for centuries.

Tea Tree - Face SoapThey say there are lakes in Australia, where the Aborigines go when they have been cut, bruised, hurt or sick and they soak in this lake and miracuously they are cured.  It is now known that the healing properties of Tea Tree oil are vast and that lake probabably has Tea Trees growing around it and in the fall when it drops its’ leaves in the water, those healing properties are transfered into that water.

It’s a Miracle!

Do you suffer from acne?  Have pimples? Maybe you have oily or combination skin?  This is the face soap for you and your problem skin!!

Tea tree oil is an excellent treatment for acne.  A recent study found tea tree oil to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide, without the side effects of redness and peeling.  Tea tree oil can also treat minor wounds, encourage healing, and prevent infection.

How does it work? The chemicals in tea tree oil kill bacteria and fungus, and reduce allergic skin reactions.  It is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oil.

Now we know the secrets of Tea Tree and we are using it in our goats milk soap.   You combine that with the 50 vitamins and minerals, the alpha-hydroxy and amino acids for anti-aging that are in goats milk and you have a win-win, all natural, good for you, bar of soap!

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All Natural Ingredients: Fresh Goat’s Milk; Saponified Coconut, Olive, and  Palm oil; Tea Tree Essential Oil.