Poison Ivy Soap – Made with Jewel-weed and Goats Milk.  Stop it before it it gets started.  Or use it to help cure your poison ivy rash.

This handmade poison ivy soap is made with our regular goat milk soap base of 25% goat milk, olive, coconut and palm oils.  The difference is we put dryed Jewelweed and Palntain in glass jars and and let the sun, steep the herbs and oils together.  This pulls all the healing medicine out of the jewleweed and Plantain and then put it in the olive oil.  We then take that oil and make our wonderful goat milk soap bar.

This goat milk soap is especially made for all of those folks out there that suffer from or do not want to get that nasty, itchy rash that comes from poison ivy, oak and sumac.

Use this before you go out and use it again as soon as you come in.  If you think you might have it or you are susceptible to these poison plants, get a tin of the salve and keep it on hand too.  You never know when you are going to get into this nasty, itchy stuff.

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You are buying 1 – 4.5 oz bar of Poison Ivy Soap – Jewelweed Soap Bar