Our Natural Baby Soap: Bouncing Baby – Baby Soap.  Our Natural Oil Blend & Pure Goat Milk!

The Natural Soap For Babies was made for your 3 to 6 month old baby.

 Made with 70% Olive Oil, 20% Coconut Oil and 10% Palm Oil.  This has the harder oils such as coconut and palm, giving you more suddsing action and at the same time, still keeping a high level of Olive Oil to ensure that it is mild enough for your growing baby’s delicate skin.

After 6 months old, you can try any and all of our goats milk soaps on your child.  We do recommend that you test, a spot, on the top of a foot to see if they might have an alergic reaction to the essential oils in that particular bar.  All of our goats milk soaps are natural and safe.  Using the purest oils, pure goats milk (from our goats) and steam distilled essential oils or high quality fragrance oils (in select bars and always spelled out in the ingredients). 100 % all natural and handmade for you and yours!