Goat Milk Soap for Hunters

Attention Sportsmen, Mask your human scent using the time tested, old fashioned, natural essential oil of Anise.

It is that time of year again to head into the woods in search of that willy whitetail, mule, elk or what ever takes you out into the great outdoors.

For generations our grandfathers and great grandfathers have been using the natural masking properties of Star Anise essential oil.  Shower with it before you head out into the woods and be confident that you will not be detected buy that price buck.

Star Anise has been used for a long time to cover the human scent.

Shower with Hunters, Goat Milk Soap before you get dressed in your camo and head out into the woods

I use it when I head out bow hunting or out with my rifle here in upstate New York. It does work very well.  It can be used in what ever state or country you live in.  It is a neutral odor that masks your scent.

Some old-timers I knew also used to dip their hooks in Star Anise oil.  Said that it masked the human scent on their hooks.  They always caught more fish then I did so maybe they had something there? The older we get the more we/I realize how the old-timers really did know what they were doing and their ways were sometimes much better then our new fangled methods.

Try this goats milk soap, it does not strip your skin of it natural moisturizing properties, no synthetic or man made chemicals. Natural and proven to help you get close to those big bucks and bulls.


Supplies are Limited and running low.  Get yours now.

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Pure Goat Milk (from our herd), Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Star Anise Essential Oil..  

Our Hunters, Goat Milk Soap is a 4.5 -5 oz bar