Hazelnut Coffee & Cream, Goats Milk Soap.  Smells Like a fresh cup of morning coffee!

Fine ground, fresh hazelnut coffee beans gives this soap a gentle exfoliate texture. Combine that with a rich, nutty aroma from the coffee fragrance oil.  Of course the cream comes from the fresh goat milk from our little herd of goats!

I love this soap and I have gotten comments from people about how good I smell after I have showered with this soap.  It is not over bearing at all.  It just smells nutty, hazelly, and nice.  The women love the smell of it on their man and they will also be caught using it too.

Ladies love the exfolient power of ground coffee and rave about the way it makes the skin tingle and feel alive after they have showered with our coffee soaps! They also think it works freat on feet, heels, & elbows when they need a little scrubbing power.

Also wonderful for the chef or cook!  Deodorizes onion, garlic and other smelly items you handle in the kitchen.

If you wanted a little zip in your soap this is it!  A caffeinated, nutty, lathery, bar of yum! “One lump or two?”

Great stuff..Go ahead and get your ‘Hazelnut Coffee & Cream’ to go, today, You will be gald you did!


All Natural Ingredients: Fresh Goat’s Milk; Saponified Coconut, Olive,  Palm oil; Hazelnut Coffee Beans, Coffee Fragrance Oil.