Silly Goat's Soap Company, Needs A New Soap Shop.

We are proud and very happy to say that our Silly Goat's Soap Company has out grown our home and we need to move into a new soap manufacturing shop.

Silly Goats Soap Co.- Sarah Cutring SoapSince we started we have been making everything out of our kitchen. That is soaps, lotions, all the baby products, bath bombs, lip balms etc.  We have racks on wheels that we use to move throughout the house when we are manufacturing all of the before mentioned goat goodies.

We cut, wrap and label everything at the dining room table.  We have boxes of bottles, oils, butters etc.,Silly Goats Soap Co., Dinning Room Table stacked against the window of the dining room.  We have drying racks in the living room, back office (soap room now) and upstairs in the guest room.  We have put up as much shelving as the laundry room will hold for supplies. And the back room is loaded with racks, containers of finished product next to the shipping table, with the retail section along the other wall.


Silly Goats Soap - Sandy, Max, RileahOne of the biggest concerns for us is the safety of our animals.  We have 3 dogs and 2 cats in the house.  Rileah, Sandy's Australian Shepherd. Sasha, Sandy's lap dog. Maximus Jack (aka Handsome Jack) my 130 lbs., German Shepherd!  And the 2 cats Fishy and his sister Gypsy.

Now we keep a clean house.  I have to sweep and mop every day before I start manufacturing.  Our biggest obstacle is the lye.  You have to use lye when you make soap.  In its raw form, and before it becomes soap, it's dangerous to animals.  I feel bad having to lock up my cats and dog before I make soap in the kitchen.  All of our animals are a part of our family.

After the saponification process of soap making it is chemical changed and non-existent.  You could eat the finished bar of soap afterwards and we have had several of our customer’s children and dogs gnaw on a bar or two. Yes, they did! 


Silly goats Soap Co. BArnWe have a new barn.  We build it when we bought the farm 7 years ago and we want to add on a soap room on the front half of the that barn it will be a 22'x24 building with a little retail store, the rest of the building will have a kitchen, with manufacturing area, a shipping area, storage racks and drying racks.

We asking help from family, friends, customers, and those that just love the idea to donate to the "Build A Shop Fund", so we can be one step closer to making this dream come true!

Most of the money we make right now from Silly Goats Soap, goes right back into buying Silly Goats Soap Co. - Bali and Daisymore supplies, equipment, material and the like.  We do take a little out for Sarah’s dance lessons and it does help pay some of the bills but we are a new fledgling company just getting our feet under us and there is no money to spare. 

Our goal, is to have a thriving, little, family business where Sandy and I can both work from the farm. Have the kids work with us, if they want .  Be a good employer by creating some good, well paying, jobs for our local community.  Be self-sufficient raising our animals, raise the feed for our animals, raising our food through our gardens and storing away all of our fruit and veggies and raising all of own animals.

We are asking you to be a part of Silly Goat’s Farm and Silly Goat's Soap Company!

Donate whatever you feel comfortable donating.

Our goal is $10,000!Sandy and Kids In The Barn

This amount will get us the:

  • Excavating Equipment Rental
  • Concrete
  • Building Material
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Some Shelving
  • Tables

We will Be Doing All The Building With The Help Of Friends!

Thank You For Supporting This Project & Being A Part Of Our Community Of Silly Friends!

Chris, Sandy, Sarah, & Silly Goats