Handmade, All Cotton Soap Bag!

Sandy crochets these, with love,  as she is lounging in here big chair and Sasha (little dog) snuggles up next to her.

Soap bags are very easy to use and reuse and are earth friendly.

Slip your soap or pieces of your old soap bars into the bag and then tighten with the braided string, then use it to wash with.  Gently exfoliates your skin with you favorite home-made goats milk soaps! Oh it feels so good!

When you are done bathing remove the soap , lay flat or hang it to let it dry. This bag makes it very easy to hold the soap and wash at the same time and at the same time makes a great lather.

This soap bag is crocheted in a White and Green mix (we call it  SAGE) all cotton yarn.

The soap in the picture is NOT for sale, only the soap bag.

Made in a smoke-free home .

You are buying one soap saver bag.