Handmade Pine Soap Dishes will add life to your goats milk soap!

Just like any other bar soap when you leave it setting in a wet spot on the sink, it will soften and dissolve faster, and you do not want that happening to your favorite and handmade goats milk soap. NO WAY!

The question then is what do you do with your soap?  You might already have soap dishes lying around the house or the sink and you can just use them.  Cool that will work…

On the other hand, you might not have any at all, or you might want to try a new look, something different.

We have a suggestion for you.

Try our simple, Pine-wood Soap Dishes.  They are handsome, with a flair of country-simplicity that look beautiful on your sink and make a nice show piece for your soap.  They are open all they way through so you get a lot of air circulation, ensuring you bar of soap stays dry in between uses.

All natural pine wood with a clear finish.

Dimensions are 4 1/4″ x 3. 1/4″ x .3/4″