Silly Goats Soap Co. is moving to Columbia, Kentucky!

Silly Goats Soap Co. Is Moving!

Well it is official. We have sold our farm here in upstate, New York and we have closed and are moving to our new farm in Columbia (South-Central), Kentucky.

We didn’t make this decision over night. We have been in prayer and asking God for direction to where he wanted us to go or whether he wanted us to stay, for a few years now. We are not getting any younger and as you all know winters do get a little brutal around here. Snow blowing and plowing here on the farm gets harder for me every year. We want to be able to continue this lifestyle and bringing our products to you for years to come, so moving to a warmer climate with less snow is something we are looking forward to.

I have been in NY for 25 years now, Sandy for 13 years. I have been here longer than anywhere else in my life. New York has been very good for us and our family and we will miss beautiful NY and you all very much. But it is just time to go for us. There is a “season for everything under the sun”, as the Bible says, and this season is over for us. We are looking forward to what God has planned for us at our new home. A little adventure for us is also something we are looking forward to at this stage of our life!

Silly Goats Soap Company is thriving, and we have been blessed with the business growing more and more every year. We owe a lot of that to you, our loyal NY customers. Thank you very much for your support and friendship.


Silly Goats Soap Company & Rustic Wicks Candle Company are only going to be a click away. We will be running both of our companies from our new farm in KY! The new farm we bought is an existing goat farm (God is good) and it is already set-up for us. The house is a little smaller but, it is just Sandy & I now and a little downsizing is a good thing. The shop, needs a little work to make it flow better for our growing co. But, when it is done, it will be much better setup and have better flow for production than the shop we are currently working out of. Luckily, we have a huge walk-out basement that we can still run our operations out of during construction. We have hay fields, pastures for the goats and horses, little patch of woods, a pond and great views of the rolling hills that make up South-Central KY and you can even see the mountains of TN from our back yard. We are also 30 minutes away from Cumberland Lake and the tailwaters of the Cumberland River off Wolf Creek Dam, the best fly-fishing river in KY. It really is a beautiful piece of property. We are blessed, grateful and we are still thanking the Lord above for the opportunity to take care of this little farm for Him for a little bit.


You can always find us at and (Under Construction-Opening soon). We have $5 flat rate shipping & FREE Shipping when you order $50 or more. Nothing will change, as far as our products go. We will still hand make, hand label and do everything right at our little farm, just like we do now. We take pride in making everything ourselves and giving you the best products. We will never outsource anything we sell. We are even taking one of our employees with us to KY. Jack and his new wife Emily are in the process of buying their own house in Columbia, right now and again we are blessed to have them come along on this journey with us.

Packing & Shipping Schedule…

We are leaving on September 17th, and the new owner (They own the farm across the street) will be moving to this farm. All orders that are placed by 5pm on September 11th will be shipped on September 12th. Any orders after the 5pm on the 11th will be shipped from KY on September 27th. So, you will still be able to order all your goat goodies, there will just be a little delay in shipping while we are in the moving and unpacking process. Sorry for inconvenience this may cause you.

Silly Goats Soap’s Presence In New York…

We are proud to announce we will keep our presence in New York State! Our Son, Christian Shaefer and his partner Eric Wilson will be running their own business called, Silly Goat’s Soap of New York. We will be hand-making all the product for them on the farm in KY and sending it up to him. They will be doing all our usual craft shows. See, for 2019 Craft Show schedule. They will also be adding a lot of new shows in 2020, we will add that schedule on the website next year so you will know exactly where they/we will be. They are both smart, young, ambitious and talented. I look forward to watching their success as they take on this new venture! Thank you in advance for supporting them and stop by at the next show and tell Christian and Erik hello!

We’ll Miss You.

Again, Thanks to each and everyone one of you for helping us get to where we are today and where we are going. 5 years ago, we had 4 fragrances of soap and we were setting up between the produce vendors down at Zem’s Ice Cream in Canastota on a card table. We have extended our brand to include 100+ products, we even bought a new candle co. and there are more products ready to be launched very soon. Stay tuned!

We, along with help from friends, built a brand-new Soap Shop and were able to move out of the house into our new production shop, which was huge and crucial to our current success. We built the shop off the barn and added a new milk parlor to better be able to milk and care for our growing herd of Silly Goats! It was hard work, a lot of fun and helped us go to the next level in our business.

Lifelong Friends…

We have been able to make lifelong friends and build wonderful relationships with so many of you over the years and we just want you to know, we will miss you very much. I know we will still be in touch but, not being able to see you in person does make us a little sad. Thank you for caring and taking such good care of us. Thank you for your continued support and in this day and age of internet and computers remember, “We are just a click away!”

When you’re in Kentucky remember to stop in and say, “Howdy”.