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Silly Goats Soap Company

New natural skincare company founded on Canastota farm

In the middle of a dry winter, and in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s no better time of year to try Silly Goats Soap, one of Madison County’s newest (and best smelling) agricultural enterprises.  Officially started in July 2014 by Chris Shaeffer in Canastota, NY, Silly Goats Soap makes skincare products using goat’s milk and natural ingredients to create high-quality artisan products for all skin types.  Shaeffer’s herd of LaMancha goats are both the inspiration for the brand’s name as well as the suppliers of a critical main component of the company’s skincare lines: goat’s milk.  The LaMancha breed is known for their high milk production and high butterfat content in their milk, making them an ideal choice to go into business with making skincare products.

However, going into business making soaps, lotions, and lip balms was not Chris’s original intention when purchasing goats.  The Shaeffer family, in addition to wanting to be more self-sufficient day-to-day, was looking for a high-quality milk source and purchased their LaManchas for personal milk consumption.  Soon Chris put their extra milk to good use making soap.  Chris has found that highly nutritive goat’s milk as an ingredient in soap has helped his psoriasis and works well for all skin types.  Goat’s milk makes up 25 percent of Silly Goats Soaps’ natural handmade soaps, along with coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil.
Silly Goats Soap has also added natural lotions to their collection with scents such as oatmeal & honey, lilac, and eucalyptus & peppermint.   They also offer lip balms made with bees wax, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.  Next up for the company?  Baby lotions and soaps.  Chris is already working on gentle unscented soaps and calming lemon and lavender lotions.  For Silly Goats Soap the sky is the limit, they’ll continue to add to their product line with, “anything we can make better naturally” says Chris.  The Silly Goat Soap herd is also growing as well; Chris will continue to milk one of his goats through the winter and has bred two more, meaning that come spring there should be even more bouncing bundles of goats on his farm.

To purchase Silly Goats Soap’s products you can visit their website athttps://sillygoatssoap.com/ ; orders can be shipped anywhere in the country or picked up on site in Canastota.  Chris is a techie farmer that maintains the company’s website when he’s not getting dirty on the farm.  Over the summer Chris also sold his products at the Town of Lenox Farmers’ Markets, and they can also be purchased at Sorbello’s Gifts and Garden Center in Chittenango.  Silly Goat Soap is currently offering customized gift baskets perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year for that matter.