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Oatmeal and Honey Bar Soaps


We only use natural fats, oils and fragrant extracts to produce our long lasting, moisturizing bar soap. You’ll love the scent, the feel, and the bubbly lather.

Goats Milk Soap

Oatmeal and Honey Lotion


A classic and wholesome original that is thick, creamy and so luxurious. Our lotions are soothing and great for all skin types leaving your body feeling moisturized.

Oatmeal & Honey Lotion

Large Gift Baskets


Our best selling gift basket perfect for just about anyone. Our products are chemical free and we offer many products perfect even for sensitive baby’s skin.

Gift Baskets

Pure and Natural Lip Balm


Lip Balm contains goat’s milk, a natural and highly effective skin moisturizer combined with subtle essentials oils derived from natural ingredients.

Lip Balm

We are adding newWelcome to Silly Goats Soap Company!

We hand-make all our natural Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk lotion, and other natural skin care products!

Being closer to God and to the earth is important to our family.  So being more self-sufficient on our little farm was and continues to be our goal. Part of that plan includes growing and harvesting our own fruits and vegetables, raising our own animals, which included goats.

After we got our little herd of Lamancha goats we had a ton of extra milk.  After doing some research we found out all the amazing healing and nourishing qualities goat milk has for your skin. So, I started making goat milk lotion and soap for the family.

So, that is what we do, and as we did; friends and family started using our products and loved them.   They kept asking for more, the word started to spread, and Silly Goats Soap Company was born. We are adding new goat soaps, lotions, and other goat goodies, as we are inspired to do so.

Our Mission is to offer healthy, quality, natural goat milk skin care products at a reasonable price that the average family can afford and enjoy.

“From Our Little family To Yours”.

What People Are Saying


This a premium lotion with all the goats milk, sweet almond, avocado, sunflower oils and shea butter with extra vitamin E added in too.  It is thick and goes on smooth and silky and soaks in guickly.  Leaving my hands non-greasy and moisturized.This is not my first order and will not be my last!

Wendy Lanz


Great Stuff. My wife finds it refreshing to use a soap that lathers well and leaves her skin feeling much better. There is a difference folks. We have reordered and look forward to some of the new soaps you guys are developing.



Silly Goat Folks, I like the simple things in life and this soap is absolutely awesome. Feels silky smooth, lathers up great and leaves me feeling soft, smooth and clean!


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